Web applications are one of the most popular business solutions, which combines high performance and cross-platform with ease of use and maintenance. Developer.ma team can create the appropriate web application for your business, depending on your business needs


This is client-server software, where the client is the user’s browser. In fact, a web application can be a website and some kind of online service. Every person uses web applications every day – checking mail, reading the news in the tape and noting completed tasks on the corporate portal.

Enjoy the best App design and function combined together

The one of the popular kind of web apps are Progressive Web Applications (PWA).
Web applications can be synchronized with various internal systems of companies or organizations, thus you will be able to maintain communication between remote branches or representative offices, monitor the process of performing tasks at different levels.


Developer.ma Web and App Development specialized in the web applications development service. Due to the expertise of our web application development team, as well as an integrated approach to solving the task, our web agency always ensures the creation of effective and highly profitable projects.